September 9, 2013

I’ve struggled to find the words I needed for today. I went from maybe posting about a pillow I painted to a dresser I painted to a chalkboard I made (super easy, no work required projects) but I just wasn’t in the DIY “mood.” I longed for some profound words and found none inside my own heart. Today, these words stood out to me and I hope this letter touches you as it did me:

Sandy Hook Mom’s Letter to Teachers

Everything she writes.

An amazing story about how God provides.

Another note of encouragement comes to me from my friend, Brandy, who found it via Christine Caine: “Warfare always surrounds birthing…If you feel like all you know what has broken loose it’s because you are close to giving birth to something new!”

May you remember why you go to work, stay at home, or exist in this world. God is there. God is good. God just…is.