November 27, 2013


It’s the thing that bothers me. The thing that takes my focus off of the beautiful tree outside my window. The birds that gather outside. The sunlight that hits at just the right angle.

My ugly black hood that just takes the place of something until we get what we want. But how often do we place blame on something else to keep from inviting people over? Well, I’ll host that when this is finished. Oh, I’ll have that small group over when I hang stuff on the wall. Please. What do you (completely meaning me) need to let go of in order to see God’s grace and SHARE His goodness for what it really is?

After a meeting recently, I left feeling completely inferior. I struggled with this and the voices in my head continued to shout insecurities. I had to pray and pray and take deep breaths and pray and just rely on knowing I was doing my best. But deep inside, I knew I could be better. But, there is always a better idea. Always a better solution. Someone’s classroom is always better. Someone’s house is always prettier. I struggled with finding the balance of doing my best while being my best all while trying to remembering this motto.

Then, the next morning my devotion punched me in the face:

“God is not concerned with your performance. God is concerned that whatever you do you’re working for Him.”
Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

Somehow, I found a way to put the focus back on me. What am I doing instead of what am I letting God do through me? Am I making myself available? Am I letting Him live through me or just saying I am when in all honesty crossing off a to-do list in my head of things that I think honor Him?

This morning as I was reading, this hit me, as she always does. GO READ HER POST NOW. Her words. Oh, man. They hit home.

I make excuses. Too many. But, it’

Tomorrow, when the holiday season officially hits, let’s make a pact. There’s no complaining. None. You hear me? You get this chance to celebrate it. Invite those people over. Take them with you if they don’t have a place to celebrate. Not everyone is so blessed but they want to be. They want to be a part of it just like you want to be invited when you see your “friends'” statuses on Facebook!

God made you to honor Him in ALL you do. If that’s the truth (and we know it is), then it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you bring or how old the dish you pack is or whether or not that recipe came off Pinterest.

What matters is that this is a season of Thanksgiving. So, thanks be to God. For I am blessed beyond what I ever imagined. Black hood, or not. I am thankful.