Christmas in the Kitchen {Seasonal Simplicity}

“I am waiting for you, Lord. I will not let December become about making a production—when it’s simply about not missing you, Lord. Miracles happen whenever I look for shoots of Jesus’ love everywhere—because this grows deep roots in Jesus’ love for everyone.” -Ann Voskamp Happy Monday, friends! If you’re coming from my friend Laura’s […]


Intentionality {Routines}

Today, on the final Wednesday of November, we gather to share our routines with you. What a blessing this has been to share with my friends! Eileen Lindsay Jessica Three years ago, this post would have looked very different for our family. Same bedtime every night. Same nap times. Same morning routine. Because with three […]


Southern Porch Inspiration

I absolutely love where I live. I love our street. I love being close to everything. I love having people down the street and next door. My neighbor and I always laugh about how it’s like being in college. We walk into each other’s closets constantly and borrow clothes, borrow milk or sugar…or even hairspray…;) […]


Whitney’s Pumpkin Muffins

Today, I’m excited to be joining a group of 25 other bloggers who are also sharing a fabulous fall recipe with you today! Hop around to see what other delicious ideas they’ve come up with… Easiest Instant Pot Chicken Vegetable Bean Soup at The Happy Housie Hearty Sausage Kale Soup at In My Own Style […]



The words have come and gone. And come and gone and left again. And every time I try to share, fear creeps in. I’m nervous to share this personal news with you but simultaneously, if there is someone else in my shoes, I want to be here for her. To be completely honest with you, […]