BSHT: Summer Edition

Good morning, friends! If you’re coming over from my sweet friend, Summer’s blog, WELCOME! I am truly so thankful you are here. Today is Day Two of the talented Lindsay’s Blogger Stylin’  Home Tours! Be sure to begin the tour over at The White Buffalo Styling Co. My husband and I, and our three kiddos, […]


My Mom

I did not know I had a story. Seriously. You see, during some of my college years, I competed in pageants. And EVERYONE there had a story. Awful stories, heart-warming stories, stories of adversity. Me? I had to wear a hip brace when I was younger but still, no big deal. I always thought I […]

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Nothing I can say is appropriate for today’s post. Whitney’s strength she has found in our God is the biggest testament of faith I can safely say I have ever seen. Her family has changed this community in a way that makes me never want to leave. Her arms may feel empty this Mother’s Day […]



Carrie and I became friends in eighth grade. We played middle school basketball together. (Did you know I was such a stellar athlete? Kidding–Carrie went on to play college basketball. Me? I quit after that one year.) Like Katy, Carrie and I immediately clicked. We did everything together then and in high school, that time together continued. […]

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Katy and I met at a faculty meeting when her husband became my assistant principal two years ago. I was that hoarder that had baby toys in my classroom and it worked out perfectly to occupy her then two year old. We clicked immediately and she is definitely that friend that once meeting her, you […]

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I am so honored some of my friends chose to write about their mothers. But you must know this, these are not the only incredible mothers I know. Yesterday, when I shared Brandy’s post on Facebook, I stated: “You already know I live in a small town. But in the tiny town we call home, […]

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When I dreamed up this crazy idea, I assumed I would go first or last in telling my story. When I sent out the text about the idea, I even told Whitney that I would probably go last but then started to think I may should go first to kick it off. Then, Brandy sent […]

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