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Memories with Shutterfly Books

I’m not an organized person. At all. I mean, I suppose as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten much better, BUT my friends wouldn’t exactly same I have it all together. But one thing I really wanted to do for my family was my yearly books. Of course that didn’t happen because when I finally finished […]

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Christmas Traditions | DIY Gift Wrap

I’m stealing ideas from my childhood these days (not the one where Austin (my brother) and I wear matching pajamas until I get married) but the idea of wrapping gifts the way my mom did by involving my brother and me. There’s just something about tradition (so sorry, kids. you’ll have matching pajamas forever). But the older […]

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Nursery Inspiration

The house is quiet, I’m attempting to check some e-mail while really scrolling quickly through Facebook, being drawn into Paige’s story and just amazed. God is good. All the time. When the days are long and we still seem to all be adjusting to me being home because somehow I’m not getting anything done. The […]