Avery | Senior

Every year that I taught school, I was amazed at how God had woven these exact threads together to form the family within my classroom. The family that extended beyond the walls of the classroom. You see, the second year I taught, I was moved from third grade to fourth grade and I had the […]

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Stories, Chapters, and Threads

I never would have said I was a story teller. But with God as the author of our story, nothing is impossible. And we can for sure never guess the ending of the story He writes for our lives. This journey hasn’t been a short one, as stories never are.  And this chapter, like the […]


The Middle

I never thought I’d be THAT mom. You know the one that follows her child behavior with an explanation. The one that apologizes profusely for his missteps. The one that searches for an explanation, a diagnosis, something that would explain why his behavior is like it is. Yet, here we are. He will turn five […]

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