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Grace in the Waiting

God calls certain people into our lives for so many reasons. The moments you need them most, they will show up uninvited, sometimes unannounced and sometimes forcefully, thankfully. You see, two weeks ago, we found a knot in Kuy’s neck. It was after a basketball game one Friday night and we were at a gas […]


Granny Dot & Granddaddy

There are two times I’ve really seen my daddy cry. The first was at our wedding when he sang a song to me. The deal was that we would dance to “Brown Eyed Girl”so we wouldn’t be emotional (as cheesy as it is, “Butterfly Kisses” does me in every time). So I KNEW I would […]

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It’s a….

Are you ready? I was SO surprised. And nervous to make sure it was healthy but much to my surprise, not Russ’, it’s a….        GIRL!    We even asked several times to be sure!        I should’ve known because I am so darn emotional (and I’m usually not at all!). I have […]


Dreams Do Come True

Growing up, I taught everyone that would put up with it–my poor younger brother, dolls, animals, even my grandfather.   My grandfather quickly became the culprit of my lesson plans and was the best student I probably ever had! It was always my dream to be a teacher or to open my own dance studio. I had […]


The Littlest Pog

Good morning! I am SO excited (I’m pretty sure I start every post like that which hopefully tells you that I kind of love this writing thing…) to share with you my friend’s Etsy shop! Randi and I met through our husbands. Andy, Randi’s husband, and Russ worked together when Andy moved here from KANSAS several […]

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