I feel like I’ve been absent for a while and I truly apologize. It’s just that after going to Allume, I want every post to truly matter and truly represent who I am.  I want every word to have meaning because we are so deeply searching and intentionally  seeking to put others first and it’s […]


Allume Reflections

First of all, I am so grateful. I am so grateful for the work behind Allume and the dedication of the staff, the speakers, the sponsors the hotel, every single person involved. It was truly an amazing experience. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. Like beyond words, glad. Honestly, I had […]


An Embarrassingly Hard Lesson

I’ve had this post written for about a month just sitting in my drafts. I’m not sure why I feel led to post it today. Maybe in the midst of packing and preparing (somewhat) for Allume, I needed a reminder that God will meet me there. Wherever I am…He will be my guide. I just […]


What We Can Truly Afford

I have been so surprised and honored by your response to our Kitchen Makeover. My goal was truly to show you, like with this blog, that it DOES NOT have to cost a fortune to love the home you’re in. No matter your budget, if you’re willing to put a tiny bit of work into […]


White Dream Kitchen {On a $5K Budget}-The Reveal

Today is the day! I am finally showing you “finished” kitchen pictures. I always hesitate to say “reveal” and “finished” because I change things so often. Different curtains, dishes in a different place. I think in some pictures cookbooks are in one place and flowers are there in another! It makes me giddy inside moving […]