June 13, 2013

Recently, I wanted to add my new favorite color to our living room. Recently as in I decided a week before Cray was born! All I could think was…I didn’t want to stare at our living room as I was nursing or holding or rocking him and want to change things. So the nesting kicked in high gear for two days! I spray painted with La Fonda Mirage (turns out was the color of our bedroom!!) and then painted a little.

Here’s what I added:
I painted the legs to this coffee table I bought at a thrift store.


I made a canvas by tracing the ampersand from the computer (Literally, I put the paper on the screen, traced it and taped it down on the canvas and spray painted…once I pulled the “stencil” off, I had a finished product.).

I also spray painted this Mason jar and added some faux hydrangeas.

I put burlap over the canvas and added a little pennant banner (quick and easy!).

I made this frame as a tray. See the tutorial here.

Frame Example

Finally, I spray painted a picture frame I already had and found a beach frame that I bought last year for the mantle. I tell you, it really pays to shop your own house!
Oops! I also bought two pillows from Pier 1.  Other items pictured were just things I moved around from other places (or closets!) from the house.

Just think….all of this inspiration and action came from a can of spray paint, and now I have an updated living room!!