If there’s something my two year old loves it’s all things balls….and trucks, his most recent love. When I came across this trucks and balls party on Pinterest, I was sold immediately on the idea for his second birthday! It was simple, fun and we all had a blast!

I bought trucks that are sand toys at Target to go with the theme and used those for decor knowing they would double as Kuy’s presents. I used these trucks and a wagon for food and favors.IMG_7763

I made melon balls…


I made cake pops to look like balls…(You can grab the tag~ Trucks and Balls Party Food Tags!)


I made cookies as favors and put them in a truck (I forgot to take a picture so this is a terrible iPhone photo!) Then, I tied this cute little tag on the bags (thanks, Mom!)! PS you can print it~Trucks and Balls Favor Tag.


Instead of paying a fortune for a cake that I would have leftover for days (even though sometimes, it’s totally worth it!), I debated several things. I thought about dirt cake; I thought about cake crushed in truck;, then decided on plain cupcakes. I was pumped when I found these adorable candies at Aldi to top them off!


I was determined to stay within a tight budget (because birthday parties can be so expensive!) so I made most everything  myself. The biggest expenses were the invites for $15 (you can buy them here, I chose to print them myself though).  Other than that, I made the cupcakes (from a box mix) and icing (from scratch using this recipe), the cookies from scratch and the printable tag. Total, I would say we spent less than $100! Way better than his first birthday!

Happy birthday, Kuy Pie!


What do you think? Ready to have some people truck on over and have a ball?

Trucks and Balls Birthday Party