Four Years…

Russ and Amber4

 Russ and Amber2


Russ and Amber3

Three Houses…



the yellow house

Two kids…

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Yep, you read that right…it’s been four years today (it’s also my parents’ anniversary!); we’ve taken on three houses, and we’ve had two precious kiddos!

I cannot believe how fast time flies and never knew how fast it truly went until our boys were born.

But, it is our anniversary so you must know this about us: it all really started many years ago in a kindergarten classroom…

This is our story but with a little twist; this is my mother-in-law’s point of view…

Russ was 4 years old, and it was his first day of kindergarten.  Russ was our first-born, so this day was momentous, to say the least.  Add to that fact that I am a school teacher, and it becomes even clearer how special this day was.

Of course, this was also my first day of a new school year, too.  I walked into a classroom full of bright new faces eager to learn; however, those students weren’t my priority on that particular day.  My mind kept wandering to a kindergarten classroom at Marshall Primary School.  Was Russ having a good day?  Was he meeting new friends?  Did he love his teacher already?  What was he learning?  Obviously, this was one school day that couldn’t end soon enough.  I couldn’t wait to see Russ and finally ask all these questions that had permeated my thoughts all day.

The day finally did end, and I met Russ with the question all moms ask after that first day.  “How was your first day of school?”  While I was expecting to hear about new and old friends, the best teacher ever, and even a few things he had learned, Russ’ answer was one I certainly didn’t foresee.

“Mom, I met the most beautiful girl in the world today.”

As it turned out, the most beautiful girl in the world was named Amber, Russ’ first little girlfriend.  In fact, her name could often be heard at our house over the next 6-7 years as Russ’ sweetheart.  However, all good things must come to an end, and that is what happened to Russ and Amber’s “love affair” during their high school and college years.

Fast forward about 17 years from kindergarten.  Russ and Amber had just graduated from college and somehow reappeared in each other’s lives.  After dating for 2 years, Russ decided to ask Amber to marry him. 

Now here’s the part that makes this the “greatest love story ever told.”  Way before Russ proposed, he already had the logistics of the proposal all worked out in his mind.  With the help of Amber’s mother, conveniently a teacher at Marshall Primary School, Russ went to that same kindergarten classroom where he and Amber first met, decorated it with pictures of them during their kindergarten years, added a few other romantic touches, and waited for Amber’s mother to carry out the plan to get Amber into the classroom.

The rest, as they say, is history.  Russ and Amber were married on July 11, 2009.  The greatest love story ever told began in a kindergarten classroom.  Someone once wrote a book titled All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten.  Maybe he was on to something.

True story. We fell in love when we were only five years old (Russ was technically only four!). Doesn’t it make you wonder…will that happen to our kids? To your kids? You never really know when you will meet The One…

Happy Anniversary, Russ! I love you!