My Best Brother’s Wedding

Growing up, my best friend Brandy (who I also met the first day of kindergarten!) and I were kind of obsessed with My Best Friend’s Wedding. (Please tell me one of you was also upset that he did not pick Julia Roberts. ) Today, Brandy is a wedding planner on the side so there must’ve been something to this obsession. Me, well, I just like to attend.

This weekend, my little brother, Austin, is getting married. He is marrying the girl of his dreams and his best friend. My, how Mama prayed for just that for each of us grand kids.

My little brother.


My little brother that sat through a gazillion dance competitions.

My little brother that even tried a costume on for my mom to hem for me when I wasn’t home (oh, he is going to kill me!).

My little brother that I annoyed and tortured with songs and chants and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…before he even had teeth.

My little brother that attended every single thing I did, bless his heart, because he was too young to know better.

My little brother that made a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT but saw a container of almonds labeled “Maysie’s Dog Food,” took a handful and tossed them in his mouth because they “looked like almonds.”

My little brother that I tried to mother (unsuccessfully!) because twenty years later I realized I got to be his sister.

My little brother that is so thoughtful. So giving. So compassionate. So unbelievably talented.

My little brother that is getting married.


Where does time go? Why oh why can’t we slow down these moments?
As I watch these two children (yes, I know they are grown) join their lives together, I am overcome with so many emotions.

Happiness for this incredibly exciting time.

Sadness for this phase of life that is ending.

Pure joy for this new phase of life that my brother gets to experience.

Grief that Papa and Granddaddy can’t be here to witness this day.

Amazement knowing they have the best seats in heaven.

Hope (that my little man will behave as the ring bearer!) that Austin and Rebecca will truly understand and appreciate all God has created marriage to be.

Excitement for the pure fact that I will gain a sister!

As I watch my mom experience this phase of life, I can’t help but wonder what I will feel like on this future day for both of my boys.  Good thing I’ve already started praying for their wives and the men they will become. I can trust that God will take care of them because he brought two special people like Austin and Rebecca together at the greatest place on Earth (Clemson University, of course).

This weekend, my best brother is getting married because he has found the best girl.