July 22, 2013

Did anyone ever tell you, “You learn something new every day!”? I still say this to my children at school and I make the comment to myself often!

There are lessons all around us. Especially if we surround ourselves with people to learn from.
How I enjoy spending time with those older than me. Learning from their life experiences and the wisdom they impart stops me dead in my tracks me when I seem to think I know so much!

On the contrary, I love spending time with those younger than me because of their pure innocence and the lessons learned in this attitude.

It’s strange. I started this blog to document progress of a house but instead I’ve been documenting the progress of our crazy life these past few months. I feel like for some reason I need to share these things that come to me or they will be lost and I’ll be mad at myself for not putting it to paper. So please stay with me for one more day of being sentimental and I promise I’ll have a party idea on Thursday!

It has occurred to me over and over this summer that through our frustrations and joys we are still immensely blessed. Have you heard the phrase first world problems? So many of our frustrations come from these first world problems! Thankfully, we serve a merciful and gracious God and this weekend proved just how blessed we really are yet how much no matter our age, how much we still have to learn. In only two days, I’ve learned an immense amount about patience, trust, and true love.

Let me tell you. Rebecca is patient. She is kind. She is the epitome of 1 Corinthians 13 and as I watched my brother watch her walk down the aisle (my favorite thing to do at all weddings), I realized the only time I’ve ever seen Austin have that look is when he is singing worship songs. How amazing that I gain a sister and already have this incredible brother with an unbelievable love for Christ.

It became even clearer in that moment how he truly loves Rebecca as Christ loved the church. Oh, how I pray this for my boys!

We are blessed to be surrounded by a young couple as this. From them, I learned what it means to be truly laid back for one thing! Rebecca nor Austin stressed in any way about anything. A true testament to this attitude and the trust they share for each other came during the ceremony. The reverend stated that when he met with Austin and Rebecca, they both said they wanted to create a home that was peaceful. What an inspiring goal to have already as they start their venture as a married couple. When I heard this, my mind starting racing (well, there’s my first clue I need peace!). How can I start doing this and promoting this environment in my home?

I was quickly brought back when I realized…wow…how obvious but so easy to forget…putting Christ in every single thing. Even in that moment. I lost my focus for one minute and that negative inside chatter cluttered my mind with thoughts so that I lost my focus on the one true thing that will bring peace.

We must surround ourselves with those that exemplify peace, trust, and true love.
Talking about it, sharing it, being focused on our family. This is true love centered on faith.

True love is sharing your faith.

True love is living it so that others may see.

True love is identifying it in every decision, every moment, and every second so that your children see it and know how to live it.

True love is family and friends that gave up their weekend to celebrate their friend, their cousin, their daughter, their son or to be there for their son and daughter to help with their children.

True love is Christ first, family second, and realizing you are third.

Thank you, Austin and Rebecca for these lessons.
Thank you, Mom, Dad, Karen, Greg, and Namommy for instilling these lessons in us, providing such a way that sets up the path upon which we have walked together, and for the sacrifices each of you have made for our little family.
Thank you, Brandy, Daren, Jeremy, and Heather for the constant lessons in friendship and the sacrifices you made to be there for us and our babies this weekend.


Thank you, Lord, for these lessons and what they mean to us.

You really can learn something new every day.