It’s become tradition when one of our friends gets married, someone has a couples shower for them! This time, it was my own brother!!

Usually, we try to do a couples shower to well, shower the couple…not just the bride. Plus, you get to play games and watch the men make fools of themselves (for example at our handyman shower for Russ, there was a homemade slip-n-slide!!).

Unfortunately, there were no games here but plenty of tools to raise some testosterone.

The Handy Man Shower, as we like to call it, started somewhere years ago but my best friend, Brandy created adorable invitations with wheelbarrows and ladders as art for Russ when it was his turn and we revamped them a little for Austin. Brandy, with her all her cuteness, added a brad in the center and attached it to sandpaper! How cute!!!

For decorations, we used sandpaper as the centerpieces and pretty much scattered it everywhere. We put tools, nuts, bolts, and nails in mason jars for centerpieces. All of it was borrowed from my dad (sorry you didn’t get to keep them, Austin!). That could be a fun gift for the groom, though!

This party was so much fun to plan and I think we stayed on a pretty tight budget, too!

HandyMan Shower

IMG_7975 IMG_7955

Austin’s present was a wheelbarrow that housed the drinks. Don’t worry…these kiddos are just chugging ice. We used other “buckets” to put drinks in, too.


BBQ was served. We used paint trays for napkins and mason jars to house utensils. I used a flower pot to hold the dessert which was dirt cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture! I wish I had thought of tool cookies, though!


I reused some décor from Blake and Amanda’s Shower since it was navy, too. I reused the pennant banner and some of the mason jars with burlap bows.



We had the perfect backdrop of the lake since it was my parents’ house so not a lot of decor was needed (see those cool kids down there posing!?!).


Of course, I had to show you this picture of the mulch tiger paw!


And these cute, precious babies stole the show…sorry, Austin and Rebecca! IMG_7897

The wedding party…


The happy couple…


One more shot of the handsome ring bearer and groom…


What do you think? Have any friends getting married where you can celebrate the guy a little but still love on be bride, too? (Oh and of course, tools and such are gifts!)

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