July 27, 2013

Since I haven’t had much time to read books this summer, blogs have been easier and quicker to find on my phone or when I have a spare minute. I thought putting together a few inspiring posts may help some of you out, as well.

Here’s what inspired me…have a great Saturday!

“it’s a broken world with broken people – that’s why He came isn’t it? I’m pretty sure He didn’t save us so that we could be comfortable – I think He’s more interested in making our hearts look like His” –Debbie (guest post on Flower Patch Farmgirl)

See this post for the full story. Then, make time in your schedule because Shannon’s blog is inspiring and life-changing. Her story is true evidence of how God works in absolutely stunning ways.

Voluntary Simplicity  perfectly exemplifies the true meaning of what should be important in our lives.

Also, #3 stands out to me here about Living on What We’ve Got! Russ always gives me the hardest time about doing this!

The Book of Ecclesiastes has really spoken to me this week. Realizing that things here are meaningless opens new doors when you expect less from this life and more on the path to heaven.

Just some thoughts for the weekend…anybody else have any posts to share?