August 5, 2013

Surprise! How do you feel about surprises? What would you think if someone snuck in your house and redecorated while you were gone? Have you seen that show on HGTV, Renovation Raiders? How do they redo something like that in ONE night? This took us days!!!

Well, when Austin and Rebecca were on their honeymoon we redecorated their dining room! Before, the walls were a deep red color….


Now, you must remember, I can say I wasn’t the biggest fan because I was the one that painted it and chose the color. If your dining room is that color, please know I’m sure that you make it look beautiful. I, however, had not learned the fine art of accessorizing yet (six years ago)…as I used orange…(what was I thinking?)

So again, I can say that about the red color because Austin and Rebecca bought our first home.

Now, it is pretty adorable, if I say so myself.


Rebecca had chosen this blueish color for the walls and her BFF, Elisabeth, bought the paint and snuck on up here to B-town and we got to work!

I stalked searched Rebecca’s Pinterest boards because I knew she wanted a coffee bar. Well, as luck would have it (I’m not going to lie, I do pray about my shopping trips now so I better not call it luck), I found this dresser last week while searching at one of my favorite thrift stores. When I walked over, it was missing two drawers and the price tag was perfect…$10!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t have a plan really developed yet but I sent a picture on over to Elisabeth and she agreed it would work. As long as I had confirmation, I was good to go.
When I got it home, I still didn’t have a vision. After staring at it for a while, I decided two toned was the way to go. I loved the dark stain on top but really wanted to paint it white…why do I think everything needs to be white!?!?

5(P.S. I really think I need to paint the inside of the drawers so just ignore that…I’ll get to it one day!)

Russ and I primed the walls and Elisabeth and Hunter painted away.

I really shopped their house for décor. I moved this sofa table from the living room and moved the cake stand from the kitchen. The table runner is from TJ Maxx.

I found this planter in the attic and filled it with balls from her mantle (I hope she didn’t care! I did leave some there…).

My mom picked up these placemats, napkins, and rings at Pier 1. I’m in love with them!  I’m obsessed with these curtains…also from TJ Maxx. Faux linen curtains for $20 for the PAIR!!

Luckily, they just got married so they have tons of presents, too! I used the two coffee makers she already had and they added the adorable white china when they got home.

The rug came from Lowe’s for $25 and the basket in the coffee bar came from Ross.

So for less than $200, Rebecca and Austin have a brand new dining room!  What do you think? How would you feel if someone did that for/to you when you were out of town?

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