August 8, 2013

To adults, it causes heartache, stress, anxiety… how can the earth hold anymore water? What does under my house look like? Moisture? Standing water?

mud puddle text

To children, a mud puddle is a pool. An opportunity to be carefree, dirty and fun loving.

mud puddle jump

As adults, we caution those from stepping in the puddle for we know the mess it will make, for fear of the havoc it will cause.

mud puddle fall

As children, we jump in innocently wanting to squish the mud and feel it between our toes.

mud puddle picture

As adults, we worry because we know the consequences. We know it is not the best choice to jump in a mud puddle in our work clothes. We know the time it will take to clean ourselves up, because, gasp, we got dirty.

But, as children, what’s the harm? Clothes can be washed. Stains can be erased.

Thank Goodness, Jesus can erase these proverbial stains for us! I have jumped in too many puddles. All of us have jumped in our own mud puddles at some point. I think I jump in a mud puddle inadvertently every day.

But what if our mud puddle isn’t always bad? Our mud puddle may not be sin. Because let’s be honest, how often do we really “fall” into a mud puddle?

Our mud puddle may be a risk we need to take, an important step to follow in Christ’s plan. It’s then up to us to actually take the step and jump in with a huge leap of faith.

It’s scary. It’s real…but that tugging on your heart…my heart…is God. Sometimes we can’t work it out. We cannot fathom what it means for us, for our families but God sees the big picture.

Like children trust that we will catch them, we must trust that God is there to help us jump in the mud puddle. He wants us to squish our toes around. He wants us let go. He wants to hear our joy from the laughter and feel the smiles that come directly from our heart. He wants us to be free because we have Him on our side. He wants us to get our hands dirty and walk around in the mud for a while.

It’s so tough. It’s so hard. But

Enjoy those mud puddles. Those moments to jump in pass too quickly….because it doesn’t rain every day.

I keep asking myself if I can let go and jump in.

Will you jump in a mud puddle today?