August 26, 2013

We painted the porch!!!

Without numbers

This weekend we did some major updates to the outside of the house. I have been waiting years to do this!

First, I painted the shutters black and we could have stopped there because it seriously made a humongous difference!

Fortunately, we’d already bought the porch paint and I was giddy/beside myself/over the moon to get started. Unfortunately, we had so many little things to do before we could take the plunge.

We had to scrape the porch.


We had to clean the sides of the porch. Can you see how concrete was just spread over the top of the green paint on the porch?

IMG_8424 IMG_8425
We had to scrape the brick.

We had to paint the brick.

Then, we had to sweep. And sweep some more. Then, we had to make sure the brick was dry to blow the porch  off.

IMG_8422 IMG_8421

It was craziness.

Anyway, after all that not fun maintenance type stuff, it finally happened.

Y’all. It was amazing.

We had four people so it was pretty quick which was great because we failed to read the directions but I had read John and Sherry’s deck experience and knew we shouldn’t have painted when the sun was out but I was too excited so we did it anyway!

With four people, the paint clumped but not terribly bad.

We moved quickly because I did the outside, my mom followed me, my dad did right next to the house and Russ used the roller and
This worked well, too, but we kept having to hide the paint from the sun. Finally, around 7 (about 45 minutes into the project) the sun went behind the trees, and the paint was so much smoother and easier to apply!

Our method was simple by doing the outside first on all accounts and finishing with the steps.


So I think I failed at giving a tutorial but this really was a simple paint job. It definitely needs a second coat but our final appraisal is today so we stopped at one.

What do you think? A few more before and after….

Slide2 Slide3

We Painted the PorchWe will painting the deck next, so I can’t wait to see how it turns out! It may be important to note the color is Deck Over in Cape Cod Gray…we went with this because my dad used it on his deck and it worked like a charm (noticed I said, deck. He told us when he got to the steps he used something different for his porch!).

Have you painted a porch or deck lately? What worked best for you?

(P.S. Notice painted the door, too…I snuck it in today while we were cleaning!)

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