October 1, 2013

Moving outside our comfort zone is hard. It’s tough. It’s a true challenge.


This 31 day challenge for me is more than just our story of moving homes.

It’s about moving my family, moving my faith, and moving outside the comfort of what I know to be easy to actually just doing it.

Getting over the fear of people pleasing and moving to pleasing God above all else.

Getting outside of the walls of our homes and moving to reaching out, no questions asked.

Socrates Quote

From moving the earth to moving things around our house, I plan to make change…a movement, shall we?

Can we do it?

Can we move mountains together?

Four years, three houses, two kids…

It wasn’t easy. Certainly, this last move was the hardest because we had two children involved.

But it was the most worth it.

Had we not moved we would have missed what God had planned.

If we had stayed in one place, we.would.have.missed.it.

I love our new home. It’s not necessarily bigger I’ve learned, but the space is laid out very differently and the layout is much more family friendly. Will I miss our old home? Yes, I can’t replace the memories there and I don’t want to. But we are moving forward and making memories in our new house. We are moving in so many aspects.

But I’m talking about more than just a home. I’m talking about moving in our every day lives. We even moved jobs in the whole four years, three houses, two kids.

But God had a bigger plan.

I’ve decided to just go for it. Kind of like how I am with this whole 31 days thing. I’m nervous. I’m uncomfortable but we are moving. Together.

Brian Tracy Quote

We are learning. We are growing. We are sharing.

We are moving.

Dr. Seuss

Are you ready to move?