October 4, 2013

This post is Day 4 in The Nester’s 31 Days Challenge:


Moving#StandingStill….An oxymoron? Not sure….I probably should ask my mother-in-law…

I realized just how much we are constantly moving to the next thing at our amazing Ron Clark experience with my school (more on that in a later post). Another teacher mentioned she felt like she was always waiting for her planning period then waiting on the next class to get to her then waiting on the end of the day instead of enjoying it and she was determined to have a different attitude this year.

Then, it really hit me at the football game last Saturday. I realized I was rushing our tailgating because I was ready for the game but already thinking about the game being over so I could see my babies but I knew when I got home I’d be rushing them to bedtime so I could get stuff done at home where there’s always something to do.

Anybody with me?

As we move, let’s make a pact to stand still. To enjoy the moment before moving to the next thing. My dance teacher always told me to finish the step I was on before going to the next. And I’ve heard myself saying the same thing but to others. I needed the wake up call.

slow down

Before we can move on, we must finish what we started.

Can anyone else empathize?