October 5, 2013

This post is Day 5 in a 31 Days Challenge:


I keep telling my friends I’m going to put a disclaimer on my front door that says, “Give me at least til Christmas and we’ll look somewhat moved in.”

But I’m not sure that’s even true. Christmas will be here before we know it!

So today, I wanted to show you what my house truly looks like…in other words, what real life moving looks like because there is always a project, always something to do, and always something on the floor.


This is the kitchen…do we love a black hood? Nope, but for the inspection, we had to have something so we have big plans to build something  like this.


And notice all the stuff on the countertop…it makes my skin crawl but I’ve learned to deal with it.


Here’s the dining room table without a centerpiece and not enough napkins…


…and t-shirts on the table. I’m just so torn about what color to paint those chairs and should I leave the cane natural? Decisions.

I do have some pillows on a bench at least! Ignore the box for the hood that we’ll take down soon.


Yep. This is what the fireplace looks like…I have big plans. Maybe chalkboard paint until we cut out the chimney? I don’t hate the tile but the reddish color you see is brick coming through…I could at least get a fireplace screen!


And see that dresser peeking in? I reallllllllyyyy want to paint stripes on it….but again, that takes time, that I don’t quite have right now.


So there you have it…Real.Life.Moving.

Anyone else moving and unpacking and feel like you’re in slow motion?