October 10, 2013

This post is Day 10 of a 31 Days Challenge:


At school, my fourth grade class is in the process of starting a compost pile for the school. Last year, they became the “Recycling Pandas” so they have been working on ways to save the Earth at school.

This year, their goal is to start a compost bin at school. This summer, after reading 7, I was sold. One of her chapters is on Waste and it is astounding how much we all waste. Once I came back to school, my Recycling Pandas discussed the idea of starting one at school and we hit the ground running. We have been researching and learning but most recently, we had students from B-HP (our local high school), come and speak on the topic. Mr. Stevens even showed us an example of how to start one. My wheels started turning again and I decided we have to do this.

Now, this is my goal. I think we can start a compost bin at home! Russ and I have talked about it and are currently debating the best place to put one and what kind to build so I’ll keep you updated with pictures, etc. as we make these plans. As of right now, we are just saving banana peels and anything else that comes from a plant in order to turn it into compost (I’m giving them to a friend at school to put in her already set up bin…don’t think we are hoarding this stuff in our house and being gross.).

Moving the Earth

What do you think? Are you with me?

Are you ready to move the Earth (literally?)?