October 15, 2013

Now that we are a little more settled (Ha. It’s only been three weeks…), I have been trying to slowly work on the playroom. I’m working to tie the rooms together because when you walk upstairs, it’s visible from both doors as you soon as you turn to step up…

A few weeks ago, I had some errands to run and needed to make a return at Target. Of course, I took the buggy and buzzed around the store quickly because who can go to Target without a quick browse? Seriously, I looked funny fast-walking around the store because I didn’t have much time and I had four things on my list that were on opposite sides of the store. As I was zooming around, I noticed these fabulous navy ottomans with the even more fabulous red Clearance sticker.


$9 for a seat plus storage that matched and would be made more personal? Yes, I believe so.

I even called my mom to verify this was a good deal and that I could, in fact, make the splurge. I knew I had material at home to cover the yellow part.

I debated between navy and white striped material to cover them with though once I got home. I bought this material about a year ago because I knew I wanted to use that color for Kuy’s big boy room. Several months ago, I bought the green and white material for the playroom.

I love stripes right now but once I covered it, the neon yellow was still visible. I tried the green material next and it was a little thicker.

Once I made that decision, I flipped the top over and cut a couple inches around the edges and verified that it would fit and cover thoroughly.


Using my staple gun, I did the opposite sides first. I’ve learned this works best to get the nice corners.

Then, I folded the other two corners like I was wrapping a present.

Once it was all stapled and neat, I put the top on and yelled for Russ to look because I was so excited!

DIY Ottomans for $10!

DIY Ottoman

How does this tie into moving? Because as we move, I realize the importance of smart storage. With an older house, there is not much storage space. This allows for storage and provides seating! Perfect for what we need!


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