Remember, when I said I felt like things were changing?

They are. Everywhere. But not just within me, around us. Everything changes. Daily. People change. Daily.  Embracing the imperfectionism that I see and loving it is what makes this Christmas so special. My house isn’t perfect, not even close and my house isn’t exactly what I pictured but without spending bookoos (spelling??) of money, BUT it’s just going to have to be simple.

And truthfully, I love it.

Here is what our house is looking like around Christmas….


I tried to buy garland at Hobby Lobby and turns out I bought ROPE garland. Yep, there’s a difference. Anyway, I just put it on the mantle and hid it with extra branches from our tree.


Last year, Russ’ grandmother made us these amazing burlap stockings.

The window is from our house prior to renovation. I had the pre-lit wreath from our first house and just kind of tied everything together.

This is one little corner in my living room. We moved the dresser over to this wall to put our tree up, but I think we may leave it!


I’m in love with this hanging in our kitchen window that I saw in BHG this month. Kuy is a pro at painting his hands thanks to his fabulous preschool teacher!


Check out my shelf I haven’t blogged about yet! Russ did an outstanding job! I can’t wait to show you more detailed pictures. (And I cannot wait to show you my incredible dad and the hood he built this weekend!)




Here’s the end of our island and some simple décor that Cray LOVES to get his hands on!




Anyway, on with the tour…I am seriously torn about the dining room. I truly cannot decide what to do.

For now, I just have this one table decorated.


I hung some garland here and filled it in with branches from my tree. I didn’t use floral wire at all. I actually just used the wire garland and let it grab onto the branches!


It’s the little things.

Finally, (which should have probably been first) here’s my porch! The letter was made at the Home Depot Women’s Workshop! I think we were supposed to cut them out ourselves but there were a lot more gals than they anticipated and a couple of men cut them out instead. When I say if looks could kill, I’d be dead, I’m not joking. At least the man that cut mine out had a smile in his eyes…even though I could tell he was not thinking happy thoughts when I handed him this T!



I hope he knows I’m in love with it.

I’m not used to a porch like this and my trees had little pots. So, I grabbed a brick and stuck them inside my flower pots, filled in the space with leaves and called it a day! (I got the idea from Southern Lady magazine that a sweet, sweet friend sent me a subscription for!)

So, there’s what our house is looking like these days…there are so many things I still want to do but today, we had our first Christmas celebration here and I quickly realized how unimportant those other little things are compared to this:


Obviously, not everyone got the funny pose memo….:)

Celebrate the little things that truly matter today.

Merry Christmas!



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