I’m not the mushy, sappy type as in Russ and I have not one thing for each other for this Valentine’s Day BUT I thought I’d share two pictures from our little love story and what happened from my point of view because I am kind of crazy about him…

and apparently, have been since kindergarten…


Here’s our little story from my point of view…

Blue and white striped shirt with matching skirt and blue bow….I remember my outfit exactly. I just didn’t know that day I would meet the boy I would spend the rest of my life with. I walked into Mrs. Maynard’s classroom that day nervous because I was starting a new school. A girl named Brandy came up to me as soon as I walked in and said, “That boy over there likes you.” And with that, Brandy and I became best friends.

His name was Russ. Our romance became quite serious. My second grade journal entry read, “I think Russ still likes me. He thought I was staring at him, but I was just looking at him to see if he was looking at me!”

I even told my grandmother we kissed in kindergarten!

It was the kind of romance, you dream about…you know, when he sneaks across the room in second grade on Valentine’s Day to deliver a heart shaped candy box and you’re just mortified and your teacher makes you say thank you! (Don’t worry, my mom made me save that box!)

In fifth grade, though, my world changed, Russ told me on a field trip my younger brother had a big head.  I, the defensive older sister, had none of that so I, obviously, broke up with him.

Throughout high school, Russ dated someone else and he and I did not even speak to each other. In fact, we didn’t speak to each other for three years.

It was that fateful day in Death Valley that I decided to talk to him. Why? Because I wanted to date his friend. Not that exactly that of a love story.

He and I dated other people but slowly began to at least have communication.

But, it wasn’t until our senior year of college when I needed help with a video rhyme for my education class that I called Russ. I knew he would know the words to help me!

We talked a few times our senior year but never made it work or really even tried.

When we graduated though, we had become good enough friends to attend each other’s graduations (however, a lot of my friends were graduating with him so I still had an excuse not to admit any real feelings). Slowly, we began to become friends again.

I really didn’t know I had any real feelings for him until my roommate and I were on a road trip along the East Coast. On the second week of the trip, we were headed to the beach with my family. Well, I assumed (like I continue to do) that Russ would come meet us when we stopped in town. Turns out, he had already set up a blind date with someone.

Then, I knew. I was jealous and pretended like it didn’t matter. But it became real to me. I no longer wanted to share him.

A month later, we were head over heels in love. He told me he loved me the night after his cousin’s wedding when he had been dating exactly a month. I knew I felt the same way and that my life would never be the same.

Two years later, my mom got sick and was out of school for a few days. She told me she HAD to go back to school but she needed my help setting her room up.

Of course, I grudgingly went along but was mad because she would NOT let me change into comfortable clothes.

When we got to Marshall Primary School, she walked into her room, and was furious. Someone had borrowed her teepee and with Thanksgiving coming up, she needed it back RIGHT THEN!

I’ve never seen someone so upset about a stupid teepee that she could just ask for when everyone was at school , but whatever, I thought.

She sent me on a search for the teepee. She told me she was sure that it was in the music room. I walked all the way down to the music room and opened the door, and the room was dark. I, obviously, interrupted something because I saw candles lit so I quickly backed out. Then, I heard Russ’ voice tell me to turn on the lights. I was so confused!

I didn’t see a teepee anywhere AND he was supposed to be at basketball practice. From there, all I remember is that he said, “Nineteen years ago…” and started crying (he’s a tad sensitive). There was a little kindergarten size table and our pictures from that first day of school set up. He walked toward me and before I knew it, he was down on one knee (I really wish I could remember what he said but I don’t have a clue).

But what made this so special?

This music room was the kindergarten classroom where we met so many years ago.

Wedding Day Carriage

Now, four and half years later, three houses, and two kids, I am certain this is exactly where we are supposed to be.