This is a super easy update that makes a big impact!


Paint your pantry door!

I had seen various ideas from screen doors to bright colors as pantry doors and as the snow kept piling up down south, the more I was itching to do something!

bright pantry door

I don’t even know how to add more words to make this post longer because that’s really it. A gallon of paint, a paintbrush and about twenty minutes is all you need!

I made the wreath from a placemat, ribbon, and a T I had around the house (in the china cabinet, I think!).

I bought the placemats in a new package (NWT!) for $1 at a thrift store.


Then, tied a piece of twine through the bow I made. Put ribbon around the T that you can barely see, stuck a tack in the door, and Ta-Da!

placemat wreath

A new door and wreath but sooo much better looking when you walk in the front door!

bright pantry door

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