…is that it’s not all bad. It’s really not. I have learned about numerous life changing events because of Facebook.

I have learned of prayer requests, spoken and unspoken.

I have learned of births, deaths, sicknesses, praise reports, and even devotionals.

Heck, I even learned about the earthquake here in SC because of Facebook.

But I’ve also learned I’m finding out way too much about other people instead of learning about my God and how He wants me to SERVE His people.

I’m scared to make this commitment for fear of missing something. But truthfully, what is that? The only thing I am missing is time on things that are truly important.

The problem with Facebook is the time it takes from my family without me even realizing it….because five or ten minutes means the dishes are clean and there’s time to play. Not time to check my news feed.

This is when it hit me that we, as a society have become more concerned with sharing our memories so everyone can see our great our life is rather than enjoying the blessings in the moment for what they are. This is not a new revelation. People everywhere have realized this.

The problem is that we allow our judgement or jealousy to steal our joy instead of sharing in others’ joy. We compare. We judge and think, can you believe they put that? or the jealousy: I wish I would have been invited to that.


In fact, over the last two weeks, I’ve been praying about “fasting from Facebook” (and struggling over this post) and I CAN FEEL my friends praying about it, too, because I have not felt insecure ONE TIME since I mentioned it at Bible study. The power of prayer, y’all. So once I realized this…that everyone is not fighting this same battle of insecurity as I am and that I have friends and accountability partners that can strengthen me….I felt relief.

This is just a post for me. A chance for me to express the way I am feeling about the power I give to media. My hope is that instead of checking my news feed, I’ll open my Bible app. Or my REAL Bible. I will spend time with my husband. With my kids. With my neighbors. With my friends.  Calling. Going. Helping. Serving. Being there. Being AWARE.

Because let’s be honest. We check Facebook without even realizing we check it and before we know it, five or ten minutes have passed.

I just know that during Media Free Week (part of our 7 study), I felt so much less pressured. I very much missed my blogs that I like to read daily and I really missed Pinterest (but that’s a story for another day!)

BUT, but, I didn’t miss knowing that I got.things.done. I accomplished so much doing things before I claimed I “didn’t have time to do!”

Is this weird?


Are you thinking no way I’m doing that?


Because several of my friends have told me, they don’t struggle with it in a negative way. WHICH IS AWESOME. That’s so great!

Right now, it’s just stealing my joy and I need it to stop.

I’ve struggled with giving it up altogether but selfishly, I think this: What do I do about blog posts? But then I remember the reason I started this blog was to document. Not for you. But for me. Our house changes. Our family changes. Our spiritual relationships changes and HUGE blessings that can only come from God. Our challenges. You see, I suffer from people pleasing so I will think I said something that offended you then I’ll remember why I started the blog in the first place….(but if you want to subscribe, I’d be super honored if you’d like click on over to the link on the right!).

Whew. Now that that’s out of the way. I’m taking a break. From Facebook? I’m not sure. I’m three days into the season of Lent and I cannot decide. I know God will certainly let me know.

Facebook Fast for Lent? Maybe.

Media Fast for Lent? I’m really not sure.

I do know this: my family needs me.

I need me.

And there needs to be less of me, and more of HIM.