This summer I was determined to make a dresser a vanity for our bathroom. I stalked Craigslist for the longest time looking for a dresser. Of course, once I finally found one, it didn’t work but I couldn’t pass up these legs!

Sitting in my living room the wonky stripes had been bothering me somewhat. A big deal? Not really…just a first world problem. I just had the itch to do something different to it so before I could talk myself out of it, I texted my two DIY buds and asked for opinions (#peoplepleaser) and started mixing paint.

striped dresser

Now, I LOVED the stripes and I still am obsessed with stripes. BUT, those not-all-the-way-seen stripes in between were bothering me.

striped dresser 2

So, ombre here we come!
Craigslist ombre dresser finished

Really quick…here’s where the stripes started…just some painter’s tape AND spray paint! Yep! All spray paint!


Showing you this picture is so embarrassing. We aren’t hoarders, I promise. This was our old garage where I did all my projects and I’m sure my neighbors would tell you that we are, in fact, hoarders.

I tried some DIY chalk paint…which means one tablespoon of unsanded grout and some latex paint…then, I grabbed the spray paint. Only because I wasn’t in love with the texture. On other pieces, yes. On this, not so much.


This is the day I dragged it onto the porch to paint stripes because I couldn’t take it anymore.






Now, really, on to the ombre change…

There was ZERO strategy in this. In fact, I pulled out the bottom drawers and grabbed the gray I had mixed in a solo cup with some white and after I painted it, I realized it was too light so it needed to be the middle drawer.

After I finished those, I headed back to the kitchen where I was mixing paint and worked to make it darker.

Then, I painted the middle drawers which would now be the bottom drawers…are you still with me?

The top dressers would be the lightest and they were the hardest to figure out because I kept adding white and kept adding white to get back lighter than the middle color.

ombre middle

ombre beginning

SO, after I painted everything, I jumped on the computer to read a couple of blogs and found that my new friend had just posted an awesome tutorial! SO, if you need a break down, click on over to hers because it is way more detailed.

What do you think?
ombre dresser 2

Craigslist ombre dresser

Craigslist ombre dresser finished

Stripes or ombre?

P.S. The little bitty frame on top, I made using frog tape and hot glue. The chevron is very, very light mint…same stripes strategy as my very first post!

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