Y’all! The past two days have been filled with some some amazing things for this little blog of ours! I can’t wait to share more with you this week!

Because of some unexpected but EXCITING changes, my posts are little different than planned.

So today, I am sharing a SUPER easy project with a big impact and linking to this amazing little Pinterest Challenge!

I first saw this on Decor and the Dog and I knew I wanted it for the space right beside our staircase.

I pinned it and became aware, apparently, of other people’s trash because seriously, later that week, our neighbor had one in his truck to take to the dump (I have the best neighbors…their trash supplies all my DIY needs.).

I ran over and stole it asked nicely if I could have it, talked Russ into hanging it on the wall, and it became the perfect Instagram display!

Crib Spring Instagram Display