I was visiting this sweet blog last week and came across this incredible challenge to makeover ONE ROOM in six weeks!


I was so torn because I really wanted to redo my deck for Cray’s upcoming party but that’s in two weeks not six weeks.

However, here’s my key: I want to use as many things as I already have around the house. We have some shelves that a friend gave us, I have a coffee table that I’m determined to make into a desk and I have a shower curtain that I think will work as a curtain!

I have so many inspirations floating around in my head!

But, for some reason, I can’t get them to come out on “paper.”

I do know that I love everything about this office.

So since it seems I’m short on words, let me show you the space that needs a serious makeover (without ANY kind of editing)…IMG_1869

IMG_1871 IMG_1870

Yep, those are hand painted flowers on the floor. I do feel bad because I think someone probably worked really hard on them…

IMG_1877 IMG_1876 IMG_1875 IMG_1874 IMG_1873 IMG_1872

Purple and yellow, REAL beadboard.

Think I can make it in six weeks?