So about this One Room Challenge that I don’t have time for at all am really excited about…

I do have plans, I promise. It’s just that Cray’s birthday is in two weeks and my head is spinning with thoughts of that and getting the deck ready and outdoor space. SO, I promise in a couple of weeks I will have more accomplished.


These are my plans for the space if you will be patient with me a bit longer.

1. Paint the floors white.


I considered stripes on the floor but I want to use this curtain from this bathroom makeover as the curtain for this small window so I think have vetoed stripes on the floor.

2. Paint the walls something similar to Revere Pewter so I have a calming space (Maybe changing the light fixture should be on the agenda since that one was $5 one of our million visits to Lowe’s!).


3. Move two tall bookshelves someone gave us that they purchased at a yard sale and cover the back with wrapping paper (I have one already done that I will show you this week!).


4. Hang some type of peg board/cork board (I’m loving this tutorial!) here on this part that sticks out where the chimney is. I’m also thinking for now I will just use a desk we already have instead of trying to add legs to the coffee table. Maybe that can come at a later date.


5. OR I thought about adding another yard sale bookshelf that I painted on top of a desk as a hutch of some sort for more storage in this space.



If you follow me on Pinterest, I will hopefully be adding some pins throughout the week to find some unique touches!