I was SHOCKED, OVERJOYED, and completely humbled to be nominated for this award!


Thank you to one of my favorite DIY couples over at DIY Passion and for a blog I just discovered that is precious, Designing Dee for this nomination!! I was seriously over the moon to be nominated. But, go check them out, along with my other nominees because they write some pretty amazing stuff!

What does this mean? I’m still not exactly sure but what I do know is that you are nominated by other bloggers to help recognize other small blogs, you are to nominate other small bloggers with less than 500 followers, and answer some questions about yourself and your blog plus five random facts . Other rules are floating around, too, but these are what I have found to be consistent.

Now, for five random facts that are so hard to come up with…

1. I thought about starting a blog for a year before I actually bit the bullet.

2.Instead of coffee, I drink Diet Coke in the morning (don’t worry, only one throughout the day).

3.I still kind of love sleeping in but always feel better when I get up early!

4.I’m that person that will take something back if I find it cheaper somewhere else or before I even go, spend thirty minutes trying to find it cheaper somewhere else (hence, why I pray about my shopping ventures) because I don’t want to make the trip back to town so I need to make the right decision the first time.

5. I have a hard time making decisions.

And the sixth random fact is that I let my husband read these and his response was, “Wow, you sound like the most boring person ever.” Awesome. Hopefully, you find me more interesting. J

And the questions from other bloggers…

What do you like most about blogging?

The connections and awareness I have gained from blogging has been humbling and eye-opening. We live in such a great big world that truthfully, is so small. Thanks to the benefits of the world wide interwebs connections are being made all over the world. Knowing this platform reaches that many is humbling. The first couple that nominated me is from Nova Scotia! I would have never made a connection without them and formed a friendship had it not been for this blog.

This irony is what is so amazing to me. I realize just how small I am when I see the hundreds of thousands of blogs…it seems like I learn about a new one each day. But then, simultaneously, I see the power it has, too…which leads to this question…

What do you find to be the most challenging thing about blogging?

Whew. It’s like everything else in life. It takes time, energy, and patience. I read once that the number one blogging tip was making connections. This baffled me because it’s something we do every day but sometimes, we give media too much power and lose that connection between real life relationships and lose sight of the fact that life is about making connections and connecting with the One who created all of it that surrounds us.

This truly has been the hardest to grasp. This is real life. Real life is happening around us. It is NOT an accident. It is NOT a coincidence. The creation of every real moment around us should be cherished, recognized, and supported with the essence of the connections formed.

How do you explain your hobby to people when they ask what you do?

Honestly, I just feel like I’m sharing something that I love to do. I love to make old things new. I love to share what God is teaching me through our little family. I love to create beauty out of the ordinary because I see God creating it all around me. Therefore, this explains itself. It is hard when people think (because I was one of those people!) that it doesn’t take time and effort but again, it’s just like life. People are always going to judge. But slowly, I’m learning I’m not here to please them.

What’s the worst DIY fail you’ve ever had?

This is the easiest question because I completely failed at trying to paint a wing back chair. I have been scared to show pictures because I feel like I ruined these chairs and they were a gift from some dear friends and I didn’t want them to be upset! (Fingers crossed I can still recover it! Any tips would be much appreciated!)

Who has been the biggest influence in your life in terms of your creativity?

Without a doubt, my husband. He talks me into everything or out of everything in a skinny minute. I look to him for advice, ideas, and just to talk things through with him. Bless his heart, I’ve called him in from watching a basketball game just to ask about a paint color. He is by far the most creative because he sees things for what they are and understands how together, we can make them so much better! He’s the one that showed me what my style really is. Thankfully, his is similar so when I want to paint everything, most of the time, he’s on board!

If you could have a dinner party with you and five other guests (dead or alive) who would they be and why?

This has been the hardest question. Only five people??? I would choose these people that I ordinarily would NOT have the chance to meet (but I have to start with Russ because he’s way better at starting conversations that I am so I need him there for moral support):

  1. Russ Tysl
  2. Shannan Martin
  3. Jen Hatmaker
  4. David Platt
  5. Francis Chan or  Lysa TerKeurst


What’s the one place in the world you haven’t visited but would love to see?

Uganda so I could meet our Joshua!

Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?

Yes….Scandal! Please don’t tell but I’m obsessed with Olivia Pope!

Is white chocolate really chocolate? 🙂

Hmmm. Yes? Anything dealing with chocolate works for me!

If we were in a parallel universe, what would your job be? As in, what’s the one job you think you could have done, but didn’t pursue?

Without hesitation, I would be a dance teacher. My husband still thinks I should pursue this dream but with two boys, I can’t seem to make the hours work in my head to support their events and be at the studio!

What’s your favourite knock-knock joke?

Not.a.clue. I love to laugh but my husband is the jokester in our family. 🙂

Without further ado, here are my nominees:

Elizabeth Joan Designs

Little House of Four

D.D.’s Cottage and Design

Dream and Differ

The Thankful Heart

Eve Isle Studios

Love My Simple Home


And my questions for these nominees:

1. Why did you start your blog?

2. What is the most important thing you have learned through the blogging process?

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?

4. What is your favorite room in your home?

5. How do you balance it all? Blogging, social media,pinning, link parties, etc.??

6. Where did you get the name for your blog?

7.  Describe how you decide what to post.

8. What gets your creative juices flowing?

9. When do you complete your projects?

10. Where is one place you would live other than where you live now?

Let the fun begin!