How about we pretend that I didn’t show you a yellow and purple craft room that I wanted to redo for the One Room Challenge.


I do have plans, I promise. It’s just that Cray’s birthday is in two weeks and my head is spinning with thoughts of that and getting the deck ready and outdoor space. SO, I promise in a couple of weeks I will have more accomplished.

Instead, let’s pretend I showed you our deck that I mentioned in Week One but thought for sure we’d be finished.


Really? Have I not learned by now?


Projects take timmmmmeeee. Time that since I went to the beach for a week and I’m trying to throw together carefully plan Cray’s first birthday, the craft room has dropped to the bottom of the list.


Here is the new plan: (PLEASE, please forgive my iPad photos. My mom and I had to trade cameras because mine died at my grandmother’s today then I realized my pallet sofa process pictures were on it and she still has it so I tried to take some finished product pictures on HER camera and it died. Cue the wonk/wonk sound here.)

Cray’s birthday party is going to be outside this coming weekend so this past weekend it finally stopped pouring and dropped to slow a drizzle to allow Russ to make this awesome sofa pallet that we saw on SAS Interiors. It was really that easy. Again, I’ll have better pictures next week.




We plan to paint the deck at some point (probably not before the party because again, it rained off and on for two weeks and didn’t allow the wood enough time to dry).


Clean up the beds beside the deck and make this area presentable.



If we feel really ambitious try some type of bar-ish/counter here…



And just make it feel comfortable and like people want to actually hang out for a while.



Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive me and not think I’m totally slack. I just tried to tackle too much at one time and it didn’t really work out.


I’m so sorry!