I went about this One Room Challenge totally backward. First, I started with presenting the idea of my craft room as the project! Then, I showed you how our plans had pchanged by discussing the deck, then last week, I jumped the gun and showed you our pallet sofa!

So this weekend, we made a bit of progress. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw these sneak peeks this weekend….

We decided to paint the deck! You must know we bought this paint last summer when we painted the porch. I knew we wanted to paint the deck, as well, but we kept putting it off. We had also already bought the white paint a few weeks before Cray’s birthday and again, we put it off, because the actual birthday took precedence.

But, when I saw Simple Stylings Blog, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer! I was so jealous and knew we already had the stuff so we may as well just do it!


This is what we have left (and we only have until Thursday!):

  1. Hang a new light fixture (thank goodness my brother is an electrical engineer!)
  2. Paint the actual deck since the rails are finished.
  3. Figure out seating arrangements (and maybe make the pallet sofa a sectional??)
  4. Figure out how to style this deck on a $0 budget!

See you on Thursday!

Alas, my technical difficulties continue…I’m having to post from my phone and I can only put my pictures at the bottom!