I’ve been a little absent lately because we are busy trying to do a few last minute things to the deck and because all of technology has turned against me. Seriously. WordPress refuses to work on my laptop so I’m giving it until Monday before I panic.

We also found out our old house is being rented so we had to get a few more things out of the attic that we were hoarding storing over there. We considered a yard sale but I didn’t have it in me. I can pretend I’m doing the noble thing and giving it away but the truth is, I just want it gone. I obviously didn’t need it if I kept it over there and now I don’t want it in the new house.

I’m going through a little purging phase. Like, I really need to purge. I need to clean. I need to get these things out of here! Too much clutter is driving me a little bit nuts (even though if you saw my bedroom, you’d totally judge me…it kind of looks like this again).


So, I thought I’d show you a simple update that I do love seeing each day!

kids artwork

Kuy’s artwork!


One day, I was painting outside on the deck and he was dying to help. Easy enough. I grabbed some paper and finger paints (that he was determined to make work with a brush) and “chose” the colors he could use and here we go!

I spray painted Dollar Store 8×10 frames white, stuck three nails in the wall (I’ve gotten over my fear), and I had one excited little boy!

It fits perfectly on the awkward wall beside our dining room and ties everything together nicely.

The best part was seeing his face light up (of course, after he had a two year old moment of being mad about it)! Ha! 🙂


Of course, only ONE picture will upload so again, forgive me (it took two days to do one post). Here’s to hoping I can make our laptop last!!


Be back soon with a deck update! Or check out Instagram @thequeenandhercourt for updates….

 P.S. Over Spring Break, my sister-in-law, Rebecca took this incredible picture of Kuy!

It truly captured his joy!

kuy sand

Here’s where I ask for your help. 🙂 It has been entered in to a contest (by my mom) and the winner is based on votes!

We have NEVER done anything like this and I think I have kind of made fun of people who did (sorry) and now I am one of them…hence, why you should never say you’re never going to do something as a parent. 🙂

SO! Can you vote for him? Just click this link! Thank you!!