Not to us, Lord, not to us
    but to your name be the glory,
    because of your love and faithfulness.

Psalm 115:1

Y’all have said the nicest things about our recent news and it blows me away how God has worked (and is still working) through this little blog.

It all changed last year when God gave me the words to Rescued with Both Hands. I think on that day, it finally occurred to me that parallels are drawn in the mundane, everyday activities. It changed my outlook and how I prayed for this blog. So, I totally surrendered myself and gave this little blog ALL to HIM.

And this happened:

Belle Magazine

Alison Storm with Belle Magazine contacted me. What?!?! Yes, I was as blown away as you are.

Belle Magazine Cover

She said they were focusing on writers in the month of July and wanted me to tell about how blogging has changed my life.

Let me just reiterate what I told her…I NEVER thought of myself as a writer. Like, ever.

But since that prayer, God has just given me the words. Seriously. These are not my own. They may come in the strangest places but I better record them because they won’t come back.

Now, Chasity Strickland, a dear friend, has GIVEN me her business because God told her to. She wrote the nicest things about me and then your comments seriously blew me away. Not ONE ounce of this would even be happening without the words and ability God has used through me.

I knew when my morning devotional this morning was titled, “The Problem with Me” and went on to say, “A sincere acceptance of someone’s accolade is actually more gracious than the false humility of an artificial deflection.” I must address this and YOU. Because I am so, so thankful. You know my favorite Jen Hatmaker quote, “I won’t defile my blessings by pretending I deserve them.”

I don’t deserve any of this, at all. God gave me these words, He gave this opportunity (well, plural), and He gets all the glory.

Thank you, Belle Magazine, and thank you, Sugar Snap for believing in me, for you, my readers, and our God: you have all blown me away.