A few weeks ago, we visited my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law in Charlotte. It was so much fun seeing them! If you follow me on Instagram, you also know we HAD to make a trip to IKEA. I love IKEA and their inexpensive décor! As I was looking for frames, though, I realized the size frames I was looking for were more than I wanted to spend for my office/craft room/studio room  (I CANNOT decide what to call it!).



You know this room needs A LOT of work and I cannot wait to show you! I just still need to do a few more things before I feel like it is “finished.”

While in Charlotte, however, we stopped by Goodwill, of course. (And did you know, Goodwill has started carrying Target salvage items!?!? Yes! It is the best!)

Anyway, I digress.

While there, even though I was distracted by all of the amazing Target goodies, I noticed these old frames and asked Russ to get down from a high shelf…in my mind I knew they’d be too expensive, but there were two so I thought I’d just look.

Goodwill frame

Oops…you can see a sneak peek of my floor!!

He turned them around and they were $3.99!!!!!!! I was sold and didn’t let them go.

Now, this was not exactly the look I was going for, obviously, but I knew paint would work wonders.

photo 2

All I did was spray the frame white, then paint a coat of white over it (that I already had from priming this lovely room above) and did the exact same thing to the mat.

Did you know you could paint a mat?

photo 3

Yep. Super easy and a quick update!

I didn’t even print their pictures on actual photo paper. I took them to Staples (make sure it’s on a jump drive!) and had them printed on regular paper for around $3 total.


IMG_6155 (I don’t know why Kuy’s looks sepia, no amount of tweaking would change it. See below? It really is black and white like Cray’s!)

And THIS is my favorite thing in the room! I love looking at these little faces while working!


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