Let’s just get this out of the way.

I’m not the most organized person on the planet. (My Type A friends are laughing right now.)

I try REALLY hard. But, because I am constantly restless (hence the name), I move things around too much to actually stay organized!

So! When Emily and Erin asked me to participate in the Back to School Blog Hop, I was thrilled! A chance for me to actually PRETEND that I’m organized or at least try really hard!

Plus, as a teacher and kids in Preschool, I wasn’t sure what that meant for us.

I really thought about what things absolutely made our lives easier. What made the mornings smoother and with less yelling stress.

Back to School Organization

This is what I came up with that worked for me

  1. CLEAN! Clean the heck out of your house before the kids go back (or for those SAHM, WHEN they go back!) because once hectic schedules start, there will be no time! Clean surfaces seem to make me so much happier!

White Kitchen

(Let’s pretend this isn’t a picture from Christmas, okay?) 

  1. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember this awesome board I found on the side of the road! One of my teacher friends even commented that I may need an intervention. But I KNEW immediately when I saw it, it screamed for little hooks that would be perfect for all of our little bags!  The boys start off the morning at different places so they will each need a separate bag and there is NOTHING worse than not being able to find one when it is time to go! My precious husband (with the right tools, of course!) just added the hooks I picked out and screwed it directly into the wall right under our Instagram display!


IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6173


(It’s the little things, really, that make me so excited!)

  1. Finally, you may or may not know that I am married to a coach. I wish basketball season was just November to February but let’s be realistic, it’s all year. Having a calendar makes life so much easier. Last year, right before we moved in, we painted our refrigerator with chalkboard paint and we LOVE it. Unfortunately, it’s also not realistic to think that writing with chalk is easy and quick. My solution was an actual calendar. This way I can write with ANY color and it can be a pen instead of searching for chalk or a dry erase marker when I need to write something down (remember my lack for organization!).

IMG_6167 IMG_6164



Doesn’t August look so nice because there’s nothing major on it, yet (except for our Noonday brunch that I am SOOO excited about…if you’re in the area, come on over! Never heard of Noonday and the power they give women? Read more about it here.)?



We aren’t at the point where our boys participate in extracurricular activities but having this calendar (that I picked up at Goodwill for $1) and an empty frame (both nailed to the fridge!) helps make things a) look pretty and b) a little organized!

Now, when my coach isn’t home yet, I’ll know where he is!

Back to School Blog HopI hope these simple ideas help you like they are SURE to help me! Be sure to check out the rest of these amazing ideas below! I can’t wait to see how they can help me!

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What do you do make mornings easier?? PLEASE share!