Last year, I ended 2013 by sharing the hood my dad built for me.


This kitchen changed my life. And I realized after sharing our Back to School Blog Hop, I had never shared our entire kitchen story with you.


It came from a falling in drop ceiling to this in a matter of months.



(see where the hood would be?!?!)IMG_4696

To everything I imagined in such a short time (even though it felt like eternity…)…

If you’ve read The The Yellow House story, you know that it was completed on a SUPER tight budget. As in, we had a quote for custom cabinets that we had to throw out the window. We had to GUT EVERYTHING in this house…new floors, new lighting, new windows. You name it, we had to do it…concrete pillars under the house. I could go on and on and once I started typing the entire story, I realized I needed to break it up!




(this is the dining room…the wall would eventually come down!)

So stay tuned for The White Dream Kitchen {On a $5K budget}! Every Tuesday, you can check back here for a kitchen update! You’ll find out how I made these curtains out of a scrap and hot glue and how Russ made our shelf from stair treads! Most importantly, you’ll find out we made our kitchen look like this on such a low budget!