October is here! Which means leggings and boots and the much anticipated, One Room Challenge! I debated and debated and debated participating this time because I’m searching deeply for my Best Yes these days and I was nervous to add something else to my plate.  BUT, I really really wanted to join in with the oh-so talented Linda at Calling it Home and the amazing other bloggers!


This summer (and up until last month), when thinking about the challenge, I had planned to do my porch, but the more I thought about what was really driving me crazy and what would help us RIGHT NOW, this area right here is about to push me over the edge.

Laundry Before (2 of 11)

As soon you walk back to our bedroom, all you see is clothes! The laundry room is on the way to our bedroom and right across from our bathroom (that I still need to blog about!). They are literally everywhere—on the bathtub, hanging from the shower, on the floor— needless to say, we are in desperate need of some organization and a flat out PLAN!

Laundry Before (4 of 11)

That alone won me over because it will force us to get it done! (Confession: I don’t do the laundry, Russ does. But I do like some organization.)

Laundry Before (10 of 11)

(at least someone is happy to be in this room! )

You may recall last year’s One Room Challenge in which I planned to make over the office but instead changed to the deck!

But what I loved most about the One Room Challenge is that it introduced me to Summer, Beth, Krystine, and Mallory!

I don’t have a beautiful mood board (yet, I hope) like I should but I have some terrible before pictures that are super embarrassing.

Laundry Before (11 of 11) Laundry Before (6 of 11) Laundry Before (5 of 11) Laundry Before (3 of 11)


Laundry Before (1 of 11)

If you want to follow along on Pinterest, you can see some of my inspiration!

So here we go! Six weeks to make over this laundry room on a teeny tiny budget! We can do it! I can’t wait to see what everyone else is going to share!

Thank you, again, Linda, for hosting!!