I seriously cannot even function to type these words because today our kitchen was featured at Good Housekeeping! What in the world!?!? THANK YOU beyond words, Lauren!


This post is a little late because I meant to have it up yesterday but we had a tough day as parents (I will post soon) but you know our little man is notorious for teaching us lessons. (Side note: I thought about dedicating a day of the week to those lessons…is that something you’re interested in? Please tell me in the comments!)

Laundry Before (11 of 11)

Anyway, we haven’t made much progress but we do have some great ideas that I CANNOT wait to share with you!

What we know is that we want two cabinets with a rod in between, something similar to the ones we have pinned. We know we want a countertop and are considering plywood in lieu of an actual countertop piece. And we know we want some corner shelves for that odd nook.

Here’s where most of my inspiration is coming from:

Follow Amber – Restless Arrow’s board Laundry Room on Pinterest. 

But here is where I need YOUR help! Where do you actually put the dirty clothes and clothes that come out of the dryer (not that we wouldn’t fold them IMMEDIATELY!)…Do you have hampers in your rooms? Do you fold as soon as they come out of the dryer?

Please tell me what works for your family! We need some suggestions! We’ve got to do something about this situation!
Laundry Before (9 of 11)

Thanks, again, Linda, for hosting! Be sure to check out all of the bloggers participating here!


Have a great weekend, y’all!!