I have been so surprised and honored by your response to our Kitchen Makeover. My goal was truly to show you, like with this blog, that it DOES NOT have to cost a fortune to love the home you’re in.

No matter your budget, if you’re willing to put a tiny bit of work into it, you can get the results you want.

With this blog, it’s the same principle. I was so, so, so nervous to put myself out there and share our process with you. I was nervous to share pictures or outfits or styling but more than anything, I wanted you to understand that you can do this, too. That won over my nervousness.

That’s why I’m joining Shannan’s Secondhand Challenge. I don’t normally buy a lot of clothes anyway. I’m just too cheap. I would rather spend my $10 on a dresser than a shirt. Lately, I’ve had crazy good luck at some thrift stores inadvertently. Remember the thrift store mantra: you can go ten times to have one good shopping trip (not sure if that’s a rule but it’s what happens to me).

Goodwill outfit

This outfit?


Skirt (Forever 21) $3.99 m | Shirt (Forever 21) $3.99 | Booties FREE because a friend’s mom was purging | Vest (Hollister) about eight years ago! I wish you could see Russ’ shoes because they are also $3.99 from Goodwill…almost brand new Dockers!

(My mom is literally going to kill me for this post because she always said people don’t need to know what kind of deal we got! But I think differently…I want you to know that it can be done for a FRACTION of the price!)

This home may be a constant work in progress but it is filled with what we can afford.

White Dream Kitchen  (3 of 10)

Laundry Before (11 of 11)

As much as I change my mind, there’s no need to spend a ton of money on one piece.

Like this wall…I just posted about it two weeks ago! And now, I’ve already changed it and added to it. The entire wall is THRIFTED baskets and I love the texture it adds.

Thrifted Basket Wall
Thrifted Basket Wall

I don’t like to think it means I’m discontent. Sometimes, I just get a little restless and for me, moving things around my house is like working out to some people. I literally become giddy inside.  I love knowing something in my house works in a different place.

Plates become a gallery wall, unused baskets go on a wall, artwork gets framed and put in the kitchen.

White Dream Kitchen  (8 of 10)

It’s the little things that excite me.

Restless Arrow-White Kitchen On a $5K Budget (6 of 22)

Restless Arrow-White Kitchen On a $5K Budget (7 of 22)

And like I read from The Handmade Home a couple of weeks ago, “It’s the everyday that deserves the sparkle.”