Okay, friends. I deeply apologize.

I’m the worst ORC participant ever.

You may remember last year when I changed projects in the middle! Thankfully, both rooms are finished now!

Restless Arrow2



But with this room? ZERO progress!

But let me back up, I had really good intentions.

We had ONE night this week that we could make a run to Lowe’s to pick up everything we needed (and we had a long list) for ORC.

And then we got there.

I had this idea to use adhesive planks for that long wall behind the laundry room…..and found out it’s a locking tile. Which means it would be nearly impossible to put up!

Laundry Before (9 of 11)

Meanwhile, Russ was looking for the plywood we needed to make our countertop and had measurements ready…..and the saw was broken.

We grabbed the cabinets and then realized, well, now what are we going to do? We can’t really do anything with just cabinets because we have to the wall done, first.

I was so discouraged!

Thankfully, I quickly formulated a plan but won’t be able to actually put it into place until this week!

Here’s a little sneak peek but I’m hoping it works!


Be sure to check back next week for actual progress!!

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