Happy Thursday!

Last week, we finally bought all of our supplies! Our budget was pretty small but since we had nothing to solve our organization problems (except the washer and dryer!), we had to be creative!

I also need to apologize. I totally dropped the ball and missed last week. I had the amazing Allume conference and just couldn’t get it all together. But, man, we have our hands full over this fall break to tackle ALL of it!


For example, white cabinets were about $60 each more so I guess this week, I will be painting away! We bought the same unfinished cabinets we used in our kitchen.

We bought a thick piece of plywood and I am determined to make it look amazing as a countertop!

We also bought…drumroll, please…a piece of PANELING!

Remember when I told you two weeks ago, I had a plan that didn’t pan out? Well, I really wanted to do a plank wall but it wouldn’t work so I found this cottage (y?) style paneling that I want to turn horizontally and maybe fill in with a gray and white wash for some texture/pattern. I’m sure this is breaking a ton of rules but we shall see how it looks….


Finally, we bought a beautiful piece of wood we want to use as corner shelves right in this little nook. I’m thinking of staining it because I love the lines in this gorgeous piece!

Laundry Before (3 of 11)

Lastly, if we have time, I would love to try to sneak a little project in but since I have four shoots this week (and a full time job!), I’m not sure it will happen!

See you next week! If you want to catch up, you can read more about it Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3!

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