I feel like I’ve been absent for a while and I truly apologize. It’s just that after going to Allume, I want every post to truly matter and truly represent who I am.  I want every word to have meaning because we are so deeply searching and intentionally  seeking to put others first and it’s a desperate search for this selfish being that I am!

It means I’ve had to say no to some amazing things not because there is anything wrong but because I was forcing it to work in my already overwhelmed schedule.

But mainly, it’s me. There are several things I haven’t told you yet that I’ve gotten to be/will get to be a part of and they all seem to be due next week! But, it’s important to me to also have family time so with those deadlines; I’m determined not to miss this crucial time in my boys’ lives!

On top of that, it’s basketball season (any other coaches’ wives reading??), so that means I’m a single parent for a little bit. Please know I am NOT complaining. I LOVE what my husband does and I want to be involved in it. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough hours in the day. And frankly, I don’t want there to be more. I just want to use the hours I have in the best possible way for my family–to be a supportive wife and a present mother (meanwhile, learning math for the first time for my full time job—teaching!).

Why? Because I truly believe in perspective.

I will never again take advantage or dread bath time and dishes that were left from supper.

Tuesday, I met someone who does it all alone.

Her babies are the same age as mine…


Yet, this precious mother didn’t complain once, as I have so many nights when it just never seemed to end.

She only smiled and hugged her precious angels, as she called them. You see, she lost her husband in March.

This. This is real life, y’all.


And now, because of Ashley and her precious angels, we all have even more reason to live it to the fullest.

So if that means missing a post, I’m very sorry! If that means missing a fun challenge or a DIY idea, I hope you will forgive me. But this season, in which everyone is “pinning” away, it’s the absolute busiest for our family because of basketball, and I have to scale back. I’m sure I will miss followers that I could gain and miss a viral post (that hasn’t happened yet) but I truly want to develop this little blog in the right way, whatever that may be–however God may lead it.

And a tiny bit because I have this fear….

Leanna Tankersley Quote

You can find the link to this amazing book here.

So, I hope you will continue to follow along (because I actually have a fun basketball post, next week)!

And I hope you understand. I love this place and I’ve come to love words in a way I never knew before this blog so thank you.

But even before I came to love words so much, I had someone much wiser than me guiding me and understanding the true value of time management.


(This was a note included with two watches for Russ and me on our wedding day.)

So,thank you. Thank you for your presence in my absence.


This post contains one affiliate link. I’ve never done this before but all opinions of the book are my own. I just get a tiny bit if you happen to buy this book that may shift your perspective slightly.