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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw one reason why I’ve been a little absent! I had the amazing opportunity to be on HIS Radio yesterday morning to share our Thrifted Thanksgiving Tablescape and how to make Thanksgiving truly personal. I was so so nervous about speaking (and being videoed), but I felt like God completely spoke through me because now I can’t even remember what I said!

Thrifted Thanksgiving Tablescape

Here’s a little snapshot of our table and why it held so much meaning. It’s mostly thrifted, of course, as is the rest of our dining room. I truly desire for people to feel welcome, to feel comfortable, to feel like they belong when they gather here. Because what we do holds meaning, I hope it represents that for each person that gathers here.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

I did pull a lot of items from our open shelves in our kitchen, but the board I used as a placemat is actually from our laundry room that we didn’t end up using.  The other placemats I found brand new last year sometime at Hospice Thrift Store and I also used a basket! It does not have to match. It does not have to be a set. I love mixing the textures and colors along with the mix matched plates and colors!

IMG_8695[1] Thanksgiving Tablescape

You know how I love whites and blues and greens, so that’s mainly what I used on the table. It ties in perfectly with our decor and I can also reuse it…even better, I didn’t have to buy anything or dust off anything special! These are items we use every day!

IMG_8704[1] IMG_8705[1] IMG_8706[1]

Thrifted pumpkins (25 cents!!) and thrifted plates stacked gave the table a little bit of height.

Place cards give it the personal feel that I love. I want everyone to feel like they have a seat at the table. I truly want everyone to feel like they have a place, that they have a purpose. This way, our meal together holds so much more meaning.

On the table runner (aka a scrap of fabric from a local fabric sale), I envision friends writing things they are thankful for so that each year we can pull it back out and add to it.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Finally, our thankful tree (which I’ve always wanted to do), is the centerpiece, but not too over the top. It, again, makes it personal because anyone can write anything! These, too, can be reused! My husband’s idea this morning was to tie them together to make a garland…how perfect to hang over a group of frames or around your Christmas tree!

IMG_8702[1] IMG_8703[1] IMG_8704[1]

I literally spray painted a stick (like a branch) from my yard and cut out little circles to hang on it! It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. (#idhtbptbb I adore The Nester) It just needs to have meaning…to serve a purpose.


I did not have to buy anything to set this table (except for a run to the thrift store to see about napkins and they were $1!!). I just used what I had in a different way. Such is our lives.

What that surrounds us can be reused just for a different purpose!? What that surrounds us holds a deeper meaning?

Thrifted Thanksgiving Tablescape

Because it’s truly not about me, it’s about the meaning behind the table and those gathered around it.

Thrifted Fall Tablescape


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