Exactly one year ago today, I shared the post that all seemed to make it click for me. Which, looking back, makes complete sense because it was about my dad.


You see, one year ago, I jokingly nominated my dad for Father of the Year because he made this hood for us. Yes, as in, built it.


last year

When that hood was featured at The Turquoise Home, I remember nearly running down the hall to my friend’s classroom because I was unbelievably excited. No project I had ever shared had been featured. It was almost like a small validation that someone was actually reading.

White Dream Kitchen  (3 of 10)

this year

So thank you, Laura. 🙂

After that, I sort of began to take this blog a little more seriously. I was asked to write an article for Belle Magazine in April, which led to a friendship I am so thankful for, which led to a chance to write for Belle Magazine monthly, and the opportunity to be on the radio!


Then, this summer after feeling the urge to rebrand for months and after much prayer, I met with my precious friend, Lindsay, who continued to encourage me. Lindsay had done an amazing job transitioning her blog smoothly and she continues to be a true inspiration along this little journey!

It just all seemed to start making sense. Maybe this could really be something beautiful.

And then, in late August when I made the swtich, I saw the biggest change.


It seems as if all of this culminated into Restless Arrow.

For so long, I was listening to so many others, and I was trying to so hard to be like so many other people and that’s not me.

That’s not who God created me to be.

And when it came time to share our kitchen story, I learned even more about the me that I had been hiding behind for so long. This was a huge scary thing we were taking on. Literally and figuratively. The Yellow House changed us and this blog changed me.

Kitchen Makeover


Dining Room Before and After

And as I read Kisses from Katie, Interrupted, Seven, Restless, Rhinestone Jesus, The Nesting Place, Every Biitter Thing is Sweet, and A Million Little Ways, it became more and more evident and continuously encouraging to find my story.

This little blog world probably doesn’t make much sense to some, but it’s completely changed me and my perspective on so many things.

Over the summer, I felt God pushing me to read Genesis (which also didn’t seem to make much sense to me) and I kept putting it off. Why in the world would He call me to read Genesis? And low and behold, IF: Equip, an online Bible study I had been following, started Genesis. Um, hello.

Again, it finally clicked. God created this world and He created you and me specifically. It was no accident, it was no coincidence. He created us and the more and more I read about people of this incredible generation that God created from dust, I am blown away at their utter obedience, no questions asked, and their love for God as their Father.

It is okay to love creating and this beautiful art because it is how God created us. For He so loved the world.

It’s no coincidence God gave me an earthly Father to guide me here, to teach me to build, to create with my hands (have I told you he’s a jeweler?)as God created us. But more importantly, my earthly father truly exemplifies how to love people. To love all people. To put others first. To be an arrow.

DIY Pallet Arrow

Nothing God ever does is a coincidence and I am beyond grateful for the chance to be Doug’s daughter and my Father’s daughter, too. But even more than that, I am blessed to watch Russ be the father he is to our boys and the young men he coaches.

This journey would not be possible without the help of my family and friends, and for that, I am forever indebted to these individuals. This also wouldn’t be possible without you, those who read and follow along. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to visit our little space here and to inspire me!

Restless Arrow Christmas Tour (2 of 13)

Happy New Year’s Eve, friends!

I pray you’ll stick around because I truly hope this is the start of something beautiful.