I’m so excited to be back with another little update to the boys’ playroom!

We knew we wanted this space to be child friendly, yet stylish–yes, even for boys 3 and 1, so we started with a plank wall! (I saw someone call it shiplap and I think I like the coastal vibe that gives!)

DIY Plank Wall for Under $30

I could NOT believe how much it changed this room. I kind of just wanted to sit and stare at it for a while.


We also knew that we had to have storage, not just pretty walls. You may remember my dilemma of not choosing woven baskets because they are so darn expensive and that I gave in and bought canvas. Y’all. These things were killing me. I know that’s so ridiculus but I couldn’t stand them!

So, I did what I’ve been doing so often lately and I actually have started going back to things I’ve pinned in the last year or so to see why it inspired me in the first place.

And I remembered these Land of Nod cubes.


Problem solved.

photo 2 photo 3

All I did was paint a number on these $6.99 fabric bins and they looked ten times better!


Obviously, they’re not perfect but nothing here is.


And, because I love a good thrift store, I was THRILLED to find that little woven basket (and the other) for $1 or $2!


Knock Off Storage Bins

What easy projects are you doing to spark some organization around the house?


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