Happy Thursday! I am so excited to be guest hosting along with these amazing bloggers for one of my favorite hashtags EVER! #ThriftScoreThursday

thrift score thursday10

Do you use it? You totally should because it is hands down my favorite place to shop and we love seeing your inspiration!

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Thrift Score Thursday Amber

I couldn’t believe Holly’s adorable find! You know how much I love baskets and this shape was too cute not to share!


My thrift store score was actually a stolen idea and I cannot remember which blogger did it. Story of our lives, right? But it’s all been done. (I’m also kicking myself because I found another canvas Monday for $2 and wanted my boys to paint it for their playroom and it just DIDN’T happen! Anyway, that just means you may need to follow along so you don’t miss what we do with it!)

This is THE most inexpensive option for those beautiful canvases and large frames you love but without the price tag!

I assure you, when the people around me at Haven of Rest were commenting on this beautiful picture and I quickly told them I was going to paint over it, they thought I was nuts.

whale before

Just don’t tell me if it’s really worth something! It doesn’t fit my style, okay? 🙂

I knew I wanted something coastal (duh) and I loved all of these whales I had seen floating around Pinterest (that were so beautiful cut out of wood) so I thought why not paint one? Less work, high impact!

progressA couple of coats of white paint and a rough drawing later, we have a beautiful statement piece for $10!!