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Thanks so much for being here and hanging around while we finish so many little projects! I couldn’t wait to share this one with you because it was so simple!

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I’m not sure if you could tell last week from our updated home tour but I painted stripes on our dining room table! (This is another reason I choose not to spend a lot of money on furniture. I change my mind SO much that I can paint right over it if I don’t like it!)

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We don’t use a tablecloth because the table is SO long and a runner never works. Therefore, I thought stripes would dress it up a bit!

Plus, I’m not exactly the neatest person in the world but for some reason, cleared surfaces make me feel like the house is clean. One can hope, right?

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This little project only took about thirty minutes and there was certainly no science to it. Just taped off some stripes (I did use four pieces per spacing) and threw some paint down.

striped dining room table

Here are my suggestions, though:

1. I would measure it if you would bother you if they aren’t perfect. For me, I like imperfection and the distressed look of the stripes, so it was perfectly fine with me!

2. Remember where you are going to paint! Russ came in and told the stripes would be off but it’s because the tape doesn’t exactly line up. I’m not sure I am making sense but this picture helps some:

photo 13. See how my white stripe is four tape strips long? To tape it off,” it won’t be exact for the bluish green color I painted the stripe but once the tape is down, you will see the width of each one and you can adjust as needed. Honestly, if you’re just reading this and not wanting to try it, just skip over this part! It won’t make sense until you’re actually in the middle of taping. 🙂

4. Paint and lightly sand (if you want that distressed look) when it dries! Don’t forget to pull off the tape while the paint is wet! I’ve heard several bloggers say this and it is so true!

5. Put a clear coat over it so you don’t lose the stripes and/or paint.

I let ours dry overnight before I put anything on it but the paint usually dries pretty quickly!

Striped Dining Room Table

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Seriously, I’ve had two people walk in this week since we have done it and comment and that never happens! Usually with bold projects like this, people are a little skeptical. (These close up pictures show our imperfections…uneven leaves, paint chipping, etc.)

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I’m in love with this simple project! The cottage, coastal look that it gives is perfect for our kitchen and living room!

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Coastal Comfortable {Restless Arrow} (1 of 10)What do you think? Love it or leave it?

DIY Striped Dining Room Table


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